Using the grease pencil to create masks for rotoscoping
A couple days ago I did a rotoscoping test with the grease pencil just to see if it would be quicker than masking in the uv image editor. Mostly it was, but I had to render out the grease pencil data to get it used as a mask. So I thought, wouldn't it be great if blender had a feature to create masks in the uv editor from just grease pencil data. Then today I created this demo video of footage I had recorded with obs, to test out what an addon / tool like this would look like. I thought that the result was amazing, and that something like this would really help the community, but I'm not a coder, so I thought I could post the idea here so If anyone would be interested they could start working on it :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXeUCavQwLY
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