Allow rotating vertex/face normals individually.
I have a problem that I am trying to model chairs on a theater. I was using the dupliverts to place the chairs around, but they seem to be all in a weird angle. So I would maybe fix that problem by rotating the duplivert mesh normal angle, but it's not possible in Blender. Here is a test file, so you can play with it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q51hbfy7xsdsetl/dupliverts.blend?dl=0
Allow rotating vertex/face normals individually.
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Artturi 1162 posted2 months ago text General

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Fweeb · 2 months ago
There's an on-going GSOC project related to editing normals. Unfortunately, I've got no idea if it would actually help in this instance. There's a [discussion thread](https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?427746-GSoC-2017-Normal-Editing-Tools) for it over on BlenderArtists.org.
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ArMan [OP] · 2 months ago
Thanks for the link. So if this is not possible currently, then what would be the correct method to add those chairs?
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Fweeb · 2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)
You might try dupliframes on a curve object and then edit the tilt of the curve’s control points to get proper orientation. I'd also encourage you to participate in that thread I linked. See if the developer or anyone else in that thread can test your .blend file in a build from that branch.
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Alphisto · 2 months ago
Hi, this is easily solvable by just using duplifaces instead of dupliverts. .)
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