In the NPR Style, EEVEE vs Blender Internal
https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/87752/in-the-npr-style-eevee-vs-blender-internal Hello. I am interested in making NPR styles with Blender. The nodes in BI are really intuitive to create cell shading. I can use the shader's light and dark borders as a masking factor, and I can specify each color directly like the gif in the link above. But I know BI will disappear from Blender when EEVEE is complete. Can EEVEE do well with NPR like BI?

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TheOnlyJoey · a month ago
This is not really a proposal, more of a question regarding development. Right-Click Select is meant to be used to propose features and improvements to blender, if you have any questions regarding in development of features, Blender Artists or #blender on IRC is a better place to ask that.
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