Use Custom Properties in Cycles
The Idea is to have a "Custom Property" Node for Cycles to access a Custom Property from the Object the Material is assigned to. So for example, you could have two Objects that both have a Custom Property "mix_fac" with different values. Optional functionalities could be: * **Fallback Input:** This will be used if the Object has no Property with that name or if it's NaN. * **Color/Vector Values:** If the Property is formatted like "128 128 128" or "0.5 0.5 0.5" for example for middle grey, it will output a color/vector * Alternatively the existing Attribute Node could be used for this instead of a new Node. A System like this could be useful for example if you have a small Group of trees and you want individual control for the color without creating a new Material for each one. Or you want a different Noise scale for each object etc. Also this would make it easier to develop addons for Cycles, since Custom Properties can be changed very easy. PS: I know there are ways to do most of this with Nodegroups etc. thats not the point.
Use Custom Properties in Cycles
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lsscpp · a month ago
I like the idea. Some of it can be already obtained with drivers, but this sound more elegant and robust. Also the new depsgraph (2.8 project) will allow for overrides, and possibly it will be touching also this?
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