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I would love to use a specific node which is finding details from the mesh. It would include automatic color coding for loose parts. For example, if I drag from "loose parts" to ramp and then to for example diffuse color slot. I would have different colors for every loose part. A similar thing would work with quads, ngons and tris. -> Select -> to ramp and diffuse color -> Different color to every face Maybe other things in that node would be "volume" which allows me to have a different color in those mesh parts that are bigger. That would be very useful for example in infographics. Image I created about the node: http://i.imgur.com/atkvX5S.png

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monio4 · 2 months ago
Good one. I suggest to make some mockups.
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ArMan [OP] · 2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)
Fastly created this https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1gsegc4rlvhv7h/mesh%20info.jpg?dl=0 But I have no knowledge of which of those features are actually possible to do with cycles. So it needs some programmer to review this feature request and tell us if there is something that is not possible to write. Or if there is even more additional info we can get from meshes.

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