Zip Modifier stack
Sorry for my english I saw this in Quixel DDO. Why this need? To facilitate the scene. How this should work in Blender? Something like that: 1. Add modifiers to the geometry 2. Press Zip 3. Blender save geometry and modifier stack to the hard drive, then apply all modifiers to the geometry. Modifiers is Ziped. That geometry ar more lighter and responsive. If you wont to change modifiers parametrers you need unzip modifires stack. 1. Press Unzip 2. Blender delet zip geometry and download previusly saved geometry with modifiers frome hard drive. ![alt text](https://wiki.blender.org/uploads/0/07/AxelMeningZipmodifierStackConcept.png "Logo Title Text 1")

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Fweeb · 4 months ago
It should be noted that if the modifiers are the type that generate geometry (subsurf, bevel, array), the geometry will *not* be lighter than the original mesh and Blender won’t necessarily be more responsive. Also, it’s not clear how this would work with modifiers that deform geometry (hooks, armatures, lattices, etc.), as those modifiers have the ability to constantly change the mesh. If the derivative mesh is frozen (zipped), then it sounds like these controls would no longer work. It’s a clever concept to perhaps selectively freeze portions of the stack rather than completely applying each modifier. However, I think that this proposal really needs to have more thought given to **all** of the ways modifiers are used in Blender… not just the modifiers used for modeling.
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