Scale vertex groups in edit mode
It would be convenient if you could set a hotkey to scale the value of the active vertices within the active vertex group. It would multiply the value of the vertices based on mouse movement or an entered number, similar to the regular Scale transform. The purpose of this is to increase work speed when modeling with a modifier stack. Lots of modifiers take a vertex group input that you may want to quickly adjust the value on a per-piece basis. The best example of this is solidify. If you could quickly change the value of verts in it's vertex group, you could quickly adjust the size of the solidify effect, similar to Shrink/Fatten. Currently to do this you need to go into Weight Paint mode and paint a new weight. The Levels tool is available in edit mode and comes close, but requires you to make several clicks to enter a new weight. So essentially I'm asking for the Levels tool, but with Gain based on mouse movement or an entered value, and behavior more like the transform tools.

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ChameleonScales · 4 weeks ago (edited 4 weeks ago)
The levels tool is also available in Weight painting : ![](http://i.imgur.com/fRG55Ia.gif) not to mention that even in edit mode you can see the effects on the modifiers in real-time : ![](http://i.imgur.com/LCwWM6Z.gif) > "[...] based on mouse movement" In Blender you can <kbd>LMB</kbd> drag your mouse on value boxes. Once you click your cursor disappears which gives you an infinite range of motion.
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aversionofreality [OP] · 4 weeks ago
Yes, I specifically state the existence of the Levels tool. The whole point is to increase the convenience of using this tool. All those extra clicks and fiddling are an eternity in speed modeling.
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ChameleonScales · 4 weeks ago (edited 4 weeks ago)

well you weren’t aware it was also in weight paint mode and that’s already several steps less. But actually the S and L keys have no use in weight paint mode, so I don’t mind having one do the levels by default. I just wouldn’t particularly benefit from it personally.
Also know that you can set the shorcut yourself easily. Simply click on Weights, right click on Levels, click on “Copy Python Command”, then go in the User Prefs, Input tab, 3D View > Weight Paint > Add New, expand, paste python command, remove parentheses and everything before “object” and set the key to S (or maybe L would make more sense). Now S will launch the Levels operator. Not as interactive as your idea but one more step closer.

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aversionofreality [OP] · 3 weeks ago
I'm talking about increasing speed when vertex modeling in edit mode. I am aware that Levels exists in Weight Paint. Constantly flipping to weight paint and back vastly increases the time it takes. The point is to be able to quickly adjust the weights of the active verts and group without leaving edit mode, and without having to go through a multi-step operator.
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ChameleonScales · 3 weeks ago (edited 3 weeks ago)

Sorry, my mistake. I thought you were working in weight paint mode, which is strange because even your title says Edit mode.
The Edit mode however is really full of shortcuts. If you want a shortcut for this it will use a modifier key for sure. Alt+L is the only one that doesn’t seem already taken (among S and L). But you can again set the shortcut yourself for the edit mode, using the exact same python command but this time under the Mesh menu. Again not as single-step of a shortcut as what you’re proposing but closer.

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