Vertex painting working with Subdivision
The idea is to make vertex paint start working with Subdivision Surface or Multiresolution modifiers, so we can have more detail while vertex painting a model with a topology for animation and also have a more artistic workflow, letting the "boring" part (UVs) for the last task. So this way we can have a model with a good topology, focus our energy on painting it without worrying about UVs and then finalize the model baking the textures on the UVs, which in this case we could do it as the last thing. In the case of Multiresolution, if vertex paint could worked with it, maybe we could take advantage of the details on a sculpted mesh for better texturing, like using cavity masks.
Lucas Falcao 37 Blender Network Member
posted5 months ago text Painting

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ChameleonScales · 5 months ago (edited 5 months ago)

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