Small python change for Mask tool in Slots tab
I get tired of always having to go open an image in the UV/Image Editor before being able to choose it from the Stencil Image drop down in the Slots Mask option. I checked the python source in the UV Image Editor for the Open Image button, and copied that to the place in the Stencil Image source python. Now I saved it and can open a picture as a Mask Stencil directly there instead of the trip to the other editor. Can this be a simple fix in source then that will be usable out of the box for new users? I feel like there might be a few others that have this issue in places in Blender. The line is the 1281 mark where I added the , open="image.open" to the line there, and that gave me the image open button.
Small python change for Mask tool in Slots tab
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Craig Jones 273 posted2 weeks ago text Painting

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artistcdmj [OP] · 2 weeks ago
I did save the change here but that doesn’t mean it will stay later on when I install the 2.79 we might get this week.
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artistcdmj [OP] · 1 week ago
So I had some help trying to make the diff patch but then still ran into trouble, so I relearned how to use git myself so I could get the diff myself locally. And now I got to submit my first patch :D https://developer.blender.org/D2710 Woohoo!!
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