Color space for Painting
It is a topic I just work around, but over and over I see people try to use the texture paint system and find themselves frustrated because the paint system doesn't respect the Linear workflow, and in sRGB you get this crazy mix when painting color into other color. It isn't anything I fully understand, and my own workflow involves painting values first and then overlaying color in Color mix mode, and then further work in other modes. Since 2.8 is a WIP, I was hoping that a dev might mention it to someone working on unifying the color management system.
Color space for Painting
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Craig Jones 291 posteda month ago text Painting

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Fweeb · a month ago
Just to be clear, this would be a replacement for the way things are currently done, rather than a toggleable thing, right?
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artistcdmj [OP] · a month ago
Yes, I don't foresee EVER needing it to be the way it is now - and this has been brought up plenty before but probably not in such a way as to be a direct channel to devs.
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