Render Time Separate Units
I propose change how to display render time from 00 : 00 : 00.00 to 00h 00m 00.00s 00h 00m 00.00s - its more readable ![alt text](https://wiki.blender.org/uploads/5/5a/AxelMeningSepareteRenderTimeUnitsConcept.gif "Logo Title Text 1")
Render Time Separate Units
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Fweeb · 4 months ago
The current time format is SMPTE time... an accepted standard. While an option might be nice, the current timecode notation is what's expected by most people working in film, video, and animation... especially breaking down into *frames* rather than tenths of a second.
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lsscpp · 4 months ago (edited 4 months ago)

but the proposal is about the time it takes to render a single frame, not related at all with animation timings, or frame count etc...

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Fweeb · 4 months ago
You're right. I'd overlooked that. My apologies.
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frederico4d · 4 months ago
while this is less compact, it is more readable as Im not very used to the other standard and get confused too looking at it, I would like this one!
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