Blender Rigify for Unity Mecanim
**My Problem:** I am a game artist and i usually work with blender and unity3d. I use rigify for rigging character and use the add-on script from this video to export a fbx file and import into unity. [![IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE](http://img.youtube.com/vi/YTGYFA0GQwo/0.jpg)](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTGYFA0GQwo) https://github.com/trynyty/Rigify_DeformBones/blob/master/Rigify4Mecanim.py This script is very useful as it turn a rigify rig to unity mecanim rig by one click, and also it have a function for exporting fbx file which removes all unneeded parts of models made with rigify. I think it is very helpful for artist. But I find that this add-ons only support the **old rig** of rigify, and blender **remove (or change?) the old rig in 2.79 Test builds.** : ( **Proposal:** I hope Blender can keep the old rig in 2.79 and future version. Or I hope blender can add a and fbx exporter and game/unity mecanim compatible rig option for rigify. I love using blender and rigify to build models and animating character for games, so i hope it can be considered. Thankyou. (sorry for my english if it feel weird)

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Looch · 2 months ago
the new rigify has a "legacy mode" where It works just like the old one =) try that.
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Fweeb · 2 months ago
Furthermore, if there's something that worked in one release and no longer works now, that's referred to as a 'regression' and it should be reported in the Blender bug tracker on [developer.blender.org](http://developer.blender.org).That's the whole reason for test builds.
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