Proper Constraint/s or Improvements that can support a Chain Path Rig
Examples: Chainsaw, Tank Tracks, Bike Chain The only solution so far is using a Curve Modifier which basically ruins the Model by deforming it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LovMyPoW6Ko) and it doesn’t work well with Bones. You can however use a Vertex Parenting trick to avoid the deformations but its more of just a workaround than being a legitimate approach. It would be best if the solution is between Bones and Constraints. Possible solutions or improvements that can help: - Spline IK Constraint that can move and follow the curve - Follow Path Constraint that rotates accordingly to the curve - Curve Modifier-like Constraint without the deformations

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Fweeb · 4 months ago
I'm not sure I understand. There *is* a Follow Path constraint. What changes to that constraint would be necessary?
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scot.doria [OP] · 4 months ago
Follow Path constraint only moves with the Offset setting. What I'm looking for is movement based on the transform channel. The Object that will be Constrained is not just a single Bone but a chain Bones
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Fweeb · 4 months ago
Now we're getting somewhere. So if there were a checkbox in the Follow Path constraint that said something like, "Constrain Children", would that be an adequate solution?
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