Use UVmap in Cloth simulation
Dears, Do you think it's possible to use the UV map of a cloth to define the exact size of cloth fabric ? Actually I am unable to explain to the cloth simulator the edge spring that I would like to set to get the good edge length (to explain if the edge length should be pull or push.) The problem is special true when a cloth mesh don't have the initial zero shape. When a cloth was morphed to a new shape, it's impossible to ask to the cloth simulator to return to the initial shape (since it doesn't know the initial shape) By using the UV map, it will be possible to define the exact length of edges for each face, and so to provide the initial shape of a cloth to the cloth simulator. And then the cloth simulator will be able to know if the edge should be pull or push to get the correct length. Also, by using this technic, it will be really easy to drap cloth on figure. For example we can oversize the cloth to avoid poke-trough. And during simulation the cloth will return to good size. We can also easily define elastic part in the cloth.

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ChameleonScales · 4 months ago (edited 4 months ago)

Starting by asking a question probably means you need to get some answers from either blenderartists or stackexchange before posting a feature request here.
I’m not very exprimented with cloth but afaik springs are only for sewing, so they only pull. To avoid poke through you have to set the right cloth dynamics settings, especially increase the steps to get a higher quality simulation. Also note that Luca Rood is already working on a [**new cloth simulator**](https://vimeo.com/lucarood/videos) which will be much more robust and advanced, so the problems you're facing may not happen in the future version.

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