When drawing render border, allow moving it
When you are drawing a render border, allow us to move it by this method: When your mouse left button is still down, you press G to grab the "selection" and move it around before releasing the mouse. That is some cases helps you to select faster the area you wanted to select.

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artistcdmj · 2 months ago
I'd point to Lapineige Tools addons for the Precision Render Border Adjust addon, a very useful way to adjust the crop border after being drawn.https://github.com/lapineige/Blender_add-ons I borrowed some of the code to add controls fro crop in our EZ Draw addon.
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Fweeb · 3 months ago
This seems like it's got pretty limited usefulness. Why not a means of quickly moving the render border *after* it's been drawn?
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ArMan [OP] · 3 months ago
I think it would cause some weird things when you are in rendered mode, but not 100% sure.
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lsscpp · 3 months ago (edited 3 months ago)

it’s for pixel precise placing, like in pressing ‘space’ while box-selecting in photoshop

I agree that it can give problems while in rendered view (maybe refresh the render only when the grab has finished?)

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ChameleonScales · 2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)

When pressing <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>B</kbd>, the cursor becomes a cross spanning across the whole screen to let you see the exact X and Y positions you’re starting at over the entire view. So although your idea would be a nice additional feature, it’s not really needed.

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