MMB click on value field to reset value to default?
Hello, first time here. I'd like to suggest the idea to have MMB click on any input value field reset the field to it's default value. I guess the technical name for the fields according to the manual are "Number buttons hold numeric values". Often I like to change a value and quickly reset the value back to default value without having to right click reset. Thanks for considering this workflow idea.

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Severin · a month ago (edited a month ago)

Like mentioned by others, there already is the “Reset to Default Value” operator. The issue is, it barely works. I’d definitely consider it broken.

Personally, I’d love to see this fixed (IMHO it’s a super useful feature), but as always it’s not that easy. Issue is, there are actually 3 possible default values of a property:
* The property value stored in the startup.blend
* The default value stored in the RNA definition of a property
* The (hardcoded) value we actually set to a property when initializing it in code outside of RNA.
Now which value should be used when calling “Reset to Default Value”? Using startup.blend value would be easiest, but bare in mind that users can set their own startup.blend. In that case the default would be a user default, not a factory default.

We’ve started a design discussion about this a while back (T47618), we should continue it as soon as priorities allow it.

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Fweeb · 2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)

This is easily remappable… but you already have fast access to reseting values by pressing <kbd>Backspace</kbd> when your cursor is hovering over that field.

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frewsax [OP] · 2 months ago
Thanks for the ideas. Here pressing zero (0) does nothing when hovering over, for example Frame Step, at render panel> dimensions. I find that in many value input fields that a right click on the field> reset to default puts in a value other than the default. For example Frame Step default is 1, and a right click> reset to default sets the value to 0. Or just below that, time remapping, right click> reset to default sets it to 1, whereas Factory setting is 100. I looked into User Preferences. Input and cannot find how to remap zero (0) to reset input value fields to default. Also searched for word default there and nothing came up.
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Fweeb · 2 months ago
My apologies. I meant <kbd>Backspace</kbd>. I've edited and fixed my previous comment. As for the other thing, that's a separate issue altogether. A massive patch was submitted a while back to set sensible reset defaults, but I don't think it was ever fully reviewed.
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frewsax [OP] · 2 months ago
Backspace seems to change values to zero, rather than to default values. Good to know not to expect many input value fields to reset to defaults, even with right click> reset to default. I did not know that was an issue. Thanks for the replies.
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