Image empties back-face culling options
Allow disabling the empty visibility from the "back" side. That would be helpful options when using it as a reference.

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Fweeb · 2 months ago
It would be useful to include a mock-up of where you think this control might go. I'd expect that it would be a checkbox in Empty Properties in the Properties Editor, but if you have a different idea, it'd be best to mention it here.
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ArMan [OP] · 2 months ago
That would be a perfect place. http://imgur.com/a/Gz1uC
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ChameleonScales · 2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)
I don’t get your screenshot. It seems you changed the empty icon to an image icon but I don’t see any other change. Also you can edit your original post and embed the image directly in it. You should also crop it on the Properties window instead of doing a full screenshot.
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ArMan [OP] · 2 months ago
No, I didn't change any icon. I marked the area with a black box where the setting would be good.
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ChameleonScales · 2 months ago
oh right, the icon becomes an image once you've chosen the image file. However I totally missed that black box before. for the next time you should add what you want exactly with an image editor and encircle it with a brush stroke or something to make it more visible.
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